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Welcome to my lovely community of book and art appreciators and fun, fabulous colorists!

GOODIES-ELEGANT-EMPRESS-5HIn case you were wondering…I don’t send out a million emails a day the way some people do, so you can just relax and not worry about that. When I do send out notes, it will be about freebies, new books, contests or good deals you can get. And new articles you might want to read. That’s it!

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Thank you for your love and appreciation of fine, funny and fantastic things!

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To download your FREE coloring page, right click HERE or on the coloring page image. Make sure you download it all the way to your computer, because if you open it in your browser it will disappear when you close the window!

NOTE: a special request: even though you might want to share this download page with others – please don’t.  I invite you to let them have the pleasure of getting the weekly updates and news about new books and coloring pages themselves, OK? Thanks!

Here are some websites of mine I think you might enjoy:

TwistedOldTales.com (my fairy tales)

AngelaTreatLyonBOOKS.com (lots of books!)

AngelaTreatLyonART.com (a portfolio of my paintings and sculpture)

…and you will find all my books on amazon.com by typing in my name in their search bar!





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