What Is Greyscale?

LYON-DREAMING-OF-SNOW-grey What does it mean when an image is labeled ‘greyscale’?

No, it is not the deadly disease of the skin in Game of Thrones!

When someone labels a coloring book image “greyscale,” all it means is that the image or picture is created or displayed in shades of lightest to darkest grey and black.

The word ‘greyscale’ comes from printer jargon, usually referring to photos you see in newspapers and magazines that have hundreds of tiny dots making up the black and grey areas.

In coloring books lingo, it usually means a pre-shaded design, so it’s a black and white image that has shaded grey areas.

Another use of greyscale is when you turn a colored image into greys and blacks, the way I have shown Dreaming of Snow on this page.



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