LYON-TEMPTATION-500I’m so happy that you liked and bought the Special Edition print of Temptation!


To the left is an image of what your print will look like once you have it in your hot little hands!

You can see that it has been printed on extra-large 13″ x 19″ paper so you have plenty of space for matting.

The signature line includes the Edition Number (Special Edition 1/9 means: Special Edition 1,  print #9 – yours will be one of 1 through 9); the Title; and the Artist Signature, copyright and date – all written by hand.


I ship out every Monday, so as soon as Monday rolls around, your print will be on its way.


1. Paper has molecular ‘memory’ and will be more difficult to unroll the longer it stays in the tube. It has been packed with a layer of tissue paper on it, so if you want to take it out of the tube and carefully unroll it, do that.

2. Please be sure not to touch the printed area or any area that will be revealed inside the matt to avoid getting your finger prints on it – no matter how you wash your hands, your fingers are oily. Oil degrades paper, so best not to touch it at all if possible – better to let the framer unroll it.

2. Get it framed ASAP! That way it will be out of the roll and protected.

3. Keep the print (and any flat art you hang or display) out of direct sunlight, which will fade any art eventually. This has been printed on archival paper, but that doesn’t mean it won’t fade if you place it in direct sun!

Thanks again – let me know if I can do anything else for you.

Aloha –

Love to hear from you!

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