Are You New to Coloring, Getting Confused and Frustrated?

I saw  a comment today in a coloring book pages facebook group from a beginner to coloring who was feeling frustrated. She had a ton of coloring books and coloring supplies, but didn’t know how to use them, or even where to start. This is not a surprise! If you’re new to something, you can’t expect to dive right in and make masterpieces. First, you can go to youtube and find a scadzillion tutorials on how to color. But sometimes people have a hard time connecting what they see/hear on a video to their own hands and eyes. I’m including three really nice examples for the limited color-use idea here. When you just start out playing with color it can be pretty overwhelming. It’s like trying to learn a language and not even knowing how to say hello. So here is a way to start without having to worry about … Please click HERE to continue reading