Article: 7 Amazing Things That Happen To Your Brain When You Color

This is a short but fun article I found today that should inspire you to start coloring and – gasp! – even have FUN at it! Find your own creative spark and go for it – don’t hold back one more second! “Coloring is AMAZING. It’s fun, therapeutic and a lot of great things happen to your brain when you color – yes, even if you’re an adult….” Read more HERE! Please follow and like us:

Healing with Mandalas

By understanding that we are more than what we see, we can address the areas where dis-ease most frequently occurs – in the subtle, or etheric bodies. Science is beginning to prove what many have known intuitively for eons, that we are energetic beings. Dr. Hans Jenny Dr. Hans Jenny (1904-1972). Swiss physician, artist, and natural scientist. Read more about him and his work HERE and get his book, Cyamtics HERE, and HERE is a site with tons of amazing pix of wave-form mandalas.. “The more one studies these things, the more one realizes that sound is the creative principle. It must be regarded as primordial. No single phenomenal category can be claimed as the aboriginal principle. We cannot say, in the beginning was number, or in the beginning was symmetry, etc. These are categorical properties which are implicit in what brings forth and what is brought forth. By using … Please click HERE to continue reading

The Adult Coloring Book Stampede

GUEST POST by my friend, Flora Morris Brown on Coloring books, a favorite childhood activity, have captivated adults around the world and now dominate the Amazon bestseller list. Two of the top ten bestsellers are coloring books for adults, displacing 50 Shades of Grey and pushing Harper Lee’s Go Watchman down the list. The Adult Coloring Book Stampede Though the rankings change hourly, two coloring books for adults have been consistent. Secret Garden: An Inky Treasure Hunt and Coloring Book by UK-based artist and illustrator Johanna Basford has sold over a million copies. Close behind in bestseller ranking is Adult Coloring Book Stress Relieving Patterns by Blue Star Coloring, a Texas publisher whose images are created by several illustrators. Dover-Antique-Automobiles-coloring-bookKristine Anderson, Dover Vice President of Marketing, told me, “Dover Publications, founded in 1941 publishing reissues, created the first coloring book for adults, Antique Automobiles Coloring Book, in 1970.” Noticing … Please click HERE to continue reading