ohmyprints-14112015-065255Now you can get single prints for some of the images produced for the coloring books!

I’ve had so many requests for prints that I just had to start making them available.

Eventually, they will be available in 8″ x 10″ and 11″ x 14″ sizes, printed on paper or canvas. Later on, there will also be other, larger sizes.


Normally when an artist makes prints, there are several editions, plus posters and unlimited prints.

1. The Artist Proof: there can be as many a 100, or as few as 1. In this case, the A/P is sold.

2. The Limited Edition: This limits the amount of prints that are available. Many artists create ‘limited’ editions of thousands. I rather think that’s a sales trick. I prefer to see 3 or 400 in a limited edition, if that many.

3. Special Edition: This is a very limited edition of as few as 2 or 3 up to 100.  The edition may be for a show, or a specific event or celebration, like an opening or a party.


LYON-TEMPTATION-500Temptation: in White on Black – Special Edition of 9 prints

go HERE to see it and get Temptation, White on Black

Temptation: in Black on White – Special Edition of 9 prints

go HERE to see it and get Temptation, Black on White

The image to the right is how your print can look in your home or office!



Keep an eye out – there will be more prints offered soon!




Love to hear from you!

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