Horses: Meditative Mandalas – Coloring Book V: for Adults and Kids

3D-HORSESHorses mean freedom, fun, excitement, speed, beauty, elegance, dignity…and did I mention freedom? Who can look at a herd of wild horses galloping across the plains and not think of the feel of the wind in their hair, the strength and power surging through them, the knowledge of freedom in their very cells?!? They are such magnificent animals, each and every one.

In this shorty book, you’ll find 15 horse images—well, 14 horses and one zebra—how could I resist?— both simple and complex. Every page has a blank back so you can color each mandala without bleeding through to the next design.

These designs are great for rank beginners all the way to experts colorists. Have a blast with these—and remember to break the Fun Meter! $9.99

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Simplicity: Meditative Mandalas – Coloring Book I: for Adults and Kids

3D-SIMPLICITY-103115When I create a mandala, I focus first on a feeling or a thought energy I want to convey through the design. Sometimes it feels like my fingers are being guided by a strong force. Thinking isn’t part of the process—I just watch it happen. Some I delete; most of them are keepers.

50 designs great for rank beginners all the way to experts colorists. Your focus, mental quiet and color choices will help you calm down, quiet your emotions and have a little fun.

Each page has a blank back to avoid paint or pen bleeding into the next design. $14.99

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 Delight: Meditative Mandalas – Coloring Book II: for Adults and Kids

3D-DELIGHT-10271550 simple, delightful mandala designs to help you relax, calm yourself down and quiet your mind so you can have a little carefree fun time on your own.

Great for rank beginners all the way to experts colorizers. All of the mandalas are hand drawn. I purposely left unfinished lines and open shapes in the mandalas so you can have fun making your own completions using shading, lines, dots, circles and shapes as you add your own individual touch. $14.99

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I Love You: Meditative Mandalas – Coloring Book IV: for Adults and Kids

3D-LOVEIt can be so easy to get so wrapped up in life’s daily chaos that you forget how much you love your friends and family and critters and the earth itself. Well, that’s true for me, anyway.

But then I stop and take a breath, and smell the fragrant air, and come back to just Being Me.

Then it’s easy to remember how much I love my really precious friends and family, and my associates and others I know closely or not so, and whose company I’d be really unhappy without.

Those connections make me happy and appreciate my life more.

What if you had a coloring book with 50 designs of all kinds of lovey images that help you remember your own personal kind of connections? $14.99

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Wild Things: Meditative Mandalas – Coloring Book IV: for Adults and Kids

3D-WILD-THINGS-102715I think the Wild Side is just as important as the civilized, and it’s high time we all remember how dear our critters are to us all. One by one, our wild animals are becoming extinct. It’s time to change shooting safaris to photo-shooting excursions; time for us to nurture and care for our skies and oceans so their denizens don’t die.

Here are 50 (mostly silly) critter images from the Wild Side of life. Most are black on white, some are surprise white on black that, once filled, look like neon lights! All of these designs are hand drawn. Yes, my hand is a little wobbly now and then – too much power-tool use when I carve. So? You get to have fun Laughing at me silly lines! $14.99

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Reversed: Mandalas for Contemplation: Mandala Book VI

3D-REVERSED-110315I wanted you to see what the original drawings for my mandala books look like—each one is drawn in white on a black ground. Up until now, not many people know that—now you do! I think they’re stunning, and deserve to be seen as much as the black on white coloring images.

Here are 50 (mostly silly) birdie, critter, weird folks and a few straight-out mandala images.

Each design is a white line drawing printed on a black background. I invite you to see what happens when you use Sharpie markers on the white lines, then hold the design up to the light so they look like neon signs! That would be cool. Or, you can just leave them in their white pristine purity, and gaze at them lazily as you relax and feel more and more calm! $14.97

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