Lovers: Creative Erotic Coloring Book I – for Adults Only

3D-LOVERS-4hWhy a coloring book for Lovers?

Well, why not? Every other part of life is being made into delightful books, why not celebrate one of the most ecstatic experiences humans can have?

Here are 34 drawings of lovers having fun loving each other. The point is to have fun, not be all righteous about oh-my- god-SEX! or uptight about judging or being judged.

Great for beginners all the way to expert colorists. All of these are hand drawn. I have a light tremor in my hand from overuse of power tools when I carve (I’m also a stone sculptor), so some of the lines are a bit wobbly. Oh well! They’re fun anyway! $14.99

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Play with Me: Creative Erotic Coloring Book II – for Adults Only

3D-PLAY-W-ME-4hWhy Play with Me?

Has the delight you’d like to take in sexual exchange with someone turned into same-old, same-old? It’s my sincere hope that when you see the images in this book, you’ll be able to rekindle the lusty, lovey raw feelings you’ve been missing!

Here are 36 drawings you can color in depicting lovers having fun playing with each other. Some designs are pretty innocent, others are smokin’ steamy hot. I purposely made each drawing fun-oriented, rather than straight-out sexy, porny or nasty. I want fun, sweetness, tenderness and love to be your focus! $14.99

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