How to Color Flesh Tones

Start with a midtone tan or pinky-tan. Fill in the whole area where there’s skin.

Then take a darker tan to show depth, and then a darker tan or even red for the shadows.

Then use a mid-to-dark blue for deep shadows (used lightly).

Now take your white (or yellow) and add highlights.

You can use pink or magenta as cheek blushes, and light blues or greens for eyeshadows.

Obviously if it’s a person of color you’re doing, you’ll use a colors that are appropriate.

Shown below are 2 examples I did for you (click on each one to see the enlarged versions). The colors are very garish only to show you the various different places to put the color.

You can choose to be mellow and blend softer colors, or even more garish than this one – it’s your coloring, after all!

You might even choose to go a little crazy and use all blues with touches of greens, as shown, or all pink/magenta/purples….


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