You made a great choice to get one of the Holiday Bonanza Prints! I’m so delighted that you liked and bought one or more of my prints – thank you so much!

Your print(s) will be mailed out as soon as possible after we get your order.

I hope you enjoy having my artwork in your home, meditation room or office! Unless, of course, you’re going to give it away – what a cool gift!


1. Important: Please be sure not to touch the printed area or any area that will be revealed inside the mat to avoid getting your finger prints on it – no matter how much you wash your hands, your fingers are oily. Oil degrades paper, so best not to touch it at all if possible.

2. Get it framed ASAP! It really is best to take your print right to your favorite framer and have them frame it right away in order to reduce damage to it.

3. Keep the print out of direct sunlight, which will fade any art eventually. That actually goes for any flat art you hang or display. Your print has been printed on archival paper, but that doesn’t mean it won’t fade if you place it in direct sun!

Thanks again – let me know if I can do anything else for you.

Aloha –

p.s. I hope you have gotten your copy of my FREE Creative Coloring Book, Having Fun – it’s right there in the right-hand column. Enjoy!

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