Happy Holidays! Boy have I got some goodies for you!

Freebies, coloring pages, cut-rates on coloring ebooks and even some prints – come and get it – take advantage of these great deals now while you can!


CLICK HERE for some free coloring pages – and a little color giftie. No strings at all – you don’t even have to enter your email address – just click on each one and download the pdf right to your device or computer. And then get your crayons and pens and pencils out and have at it! Happy Holidays!

See the image to the right? That’s a sample of one of the pages you can get!


CLICK HERE for my Free Coloring Book, Having Fun, with ten great drawings to color. And you get updates and news. Just so you know, I don’t send out a lot of emails – in fact maybe once a month at most. Although I claim the right to change my mind!


CLICK HERE for a whole bunch of coloring pages you can download and print out right away. Only .99 each. That’s half off the usual.


CLICK HERE to get the downloadable versions of Delight, Simplicity and Wild Things. Open them and print them all out (50 images each!) or just choose  one page at a time. Only $2.50 each – half off the regular price.

PRINTS – 8″ x 11″ on Fantastic Silky Paper

CLICK HERE to order already made prints of my most popular drawings. You’ll see what some of my coloring book drawings look like when I draw them!

COLORING TOTES (and a ton of other goodies)

CLICK HERE to go to my product site where I’ve made my entire stock 20% off FOR NOW so you can get totes, pillows, scarves, leggings, journals, phone covers, laptop skins and a whole lot more for way less than my regular prices.

You’ll find black and white items you’ll love to color in with your Sharpies or fabric inks, as well as my other artwork featuring brilliant, vibrant colors.


Love to hear from you!

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