Guest Article: The Zen of Adult Coloring Books

This is an article I read recently by Julie Beck, a writer at the Atlantic, who pooh-poohed coloring books – until she saw them at the bookstore and ‘had to’ have one. Or More!

Another page from the author’s coloring book (Julie Beck / The Atlantic)

“I have never changed my mind about anything as quickly or completely as I changed my mind about adult coloring books. I found the trend mostly baffling and maybe a little dumb. But I saw some in a bookstore the other day and I immediately said to my friend, “Well, I’m not leaving here without one of these.”

Several trend pieces about adult coloring books lump them in with other “childish” activities that grown-ups are apparently engaging in to regress back to their simpler youth, like adult preschool and adult summer camp. But I think they fit better into the trend of meditation and mindfulness that’s been going for some time now, one response among many to the high levels of stress many adults are living with.

In the admittedly brief time that I have had this coloring book, it has filled a particular activity niche for me….

Read the rest of her wonderful article HERE.

Julie Beck is a senior associate editor at The Atlantic, where she covers health.

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