Your Goodies!


You made a great choice to get these free, downloadable coloring pages that cannot be bought or even found anywhere else than here on this website.


Please RIGHT CLICK on the links below to download your coloring pages all the way to a folder on your computer. Each image is a singular pdf (8.5″ x 11″- letter size) with one design.

Do NOT click on them to open them in your browser – they will disappear once you close the window!


These are not physical items!
Download, print and enjoy coloring as many times as you want!

Please remember that these pages are for your use only. They are for personal use only, so you are not permitted to sell anything using this design. And, they were made specially for and only for coloring in, not for sale or distribution of any other kind, including use for any other crafts or creations. All rights reserved, they are not for commercial use.

I hope you enjoy coloring them! I’d love to see what you did – post them on your Facebook page and tag me so I can them when you’re done, OK?

Happy coloring!

NOTE: a special request: even though you might want to share this download page with others – please don’t.  I invite you to let them have the pleasure of getting the FREEbies and news about upcoming goodies themselves, OK? Thanks!


Right click HERE for Curly Love

Right click HERE for Friends Forever

Right click HERE for Happy with You

Right click HERE for Vibrance






Love to hear from you!

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