Are You New to Coloring, Getting Confused and Frustrated?

I saw  a comment today in a coloring book pages facebook group from a beginner to coloring who was feeling frustrated. She had a ton of coloring books and coloring supplies, but didn’t know how to use them, or even where to start. This is not a surprise! If you’re new to something, you can’t expect to dive right in and make masterpieces.

danieliFirst, you can go to youtube and find a scadzillion tutorials on how to color.

But sometimes people have a hard time connecting what they see/hear on a video to their own hands and eyes.

I’m including three really nice examples for the limited color-use idea here.

When you just start out playing with color it can be pretty overwhelming. It’s like trying to learn a language and not even knowing how to say hello.

So here is a way to start without having to worry about a million colors and what to do and where to put them!

dawn-bryanHere’s what to do:

Pick three pens or pencils of the same color, or in two friendly colors – like yellow and gree in Dawn’s example. You’ll want to pick a light, a medium and a dark.

In Danieli’s example, she chose 3 blues and a beautifully contrasting yellow,orange combo to make the blues sing.

Use the dark one on the parts of the design you might want to look like they recede, or be a part of the background.

Use the medium one for some of the parts that you want to stand out, but not be a part of the foreground.

Use the lightest color for the parts that you want to highlight.

jaki-youngYou can even use white to make little parts of the picture ‘pop; and look lit up by sunlight.

These examples are from very complex designs, but they are beautifully unified by using such a limited range of colors. (You can check out Jaki’s work at

Using only 3 colors in the same color line is a lot simpler than using a whole range of color, and will help you feel more comfortable and less nervous.

Hope that helps.

Love to hear from you!

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