Does Coloring Give You A Headache?

If you get headaches from coloring, the very reason for coloring – relaxing – is getting undermined! Uh-oh! You’re focusing too closely – you need to back up and take occasional breaks! 1. You may be bending your head down too close to your drawing. Sit up straighter, and breathe deeply. 2. Check your glasses – is your prescription up to date? Here’s one thing you can do to alleviate your headaches. Every 15 or 20 minutes, look up from your work and find the object in the farthest distance from you that you can – including anything outside your window. Focus on that for ten seconds. Now sight on something a little closer and do it again…and again…and again…until you are now looking at something close to yourself. Doing this will allow your eyes to adjust to many focal distances, giving them the elasticity and rest they need for … Please click HERE to continue reading

What Is Greyscale?

What does it mean when an image is labeled ‘greyscale’? No, it is not the deadly disease of the skin in Game of Thrones! When someone labels a coloring book image “greyscale,” all it means is that the image or picture is created or displayed in shades of lightest to darkest grey and black. The word ‘greyscale’ comes from printer jargon, usually referring to photos you see in newspapers and magazines that have hundreds of tiny dots making up the black and grey areas. In coloring books lingo, it usually means a pre-shaded design, so it’s a black and white image that has shaded grey areas. Another use of greyscale is when you turn a colored image into greys and blacks, the way I have shown Dreaming of Snow on this page. . . Please follow and like us:

Article: 7 Amazing Things That Happen To Your Brain When You Color

This is a short but fun article I found today that should inspire you to start coloring and – gasp! – even have FUN at it! Find your own creative spark and go for it – don’t hold back one more second! “Coloring is AMAZING. It’s fun, therapeutic and a lot of great things happen to your brain when you color – yes, even if you’re an adult….” Read more HERE! Please follow and like us:

Mandalas and the Art of Enlightenment

This is an article I read several years ago about a sand mandala that was to be built at the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston. I invite you to get prints of my select mandalas HERE. Art Paves the Way to Enlightenment By Mark Evangelista the Houston Chronicle Interactive Ever since human beings first started pondering the cosmos, art has emerged as a physical and visual affirmation in a belief of a superior being. Works such as Michelangelo’s Creation and Van Eyck’s Annunciation have become icons of religious imagery. In contrast, art by Tibetan Buddhist monks actually invites the divinity to descend. The Mandala of Hayagriva is meant to evoke the deity to come down and inhabit the piece, said Amy Price, MFA curatorial assistant, Asian arts. Please follow and like us: